These days, families are under much stress as a result of financial struggles, emotions, society and peer pressures, and many other influences. There are so many aspects in life that push us in various directions, which can create challenges in managing a happy family unit. Oak Park family therapy with Lori Kansteiner can help strengthen the family bond.

Oak Park, CA family counseling provided by Lori Kansteiner.

Mending family issues can be the most challenging. Taking the first step and recognizing that you may need some help, shows that you care about your family. Seeking help from our Oak Park family therapist demonstrates commitment to improving the family relationship and that is something to be proud of.

Family issues may seem difficult and strenuous to deal with, but in many situations, communication is the essential solution. Being in a quiet and comforting setting for open conversation can help when talking things out. With the assistance from family counseling, everyone will start to express, listen and comprehend the concerns.

Our expert Oak Park family counselor guides the group toward understanding and support, and also evaluates the harmful components to be resolved. In order to enhance the family system, individual growth is also key by focusing on building up positive change.

Lori Kansteiner is a family therapist in Oak Park, CA.

Oak Park Family Counseling

Each family member develops their own individuality, thoughts and interests. Sometimes diverse personalities can collide and create conflict. In cases like this, it is critical to try to find common ground, instead of looking at the differences. Family counseling can help examine what ties the family together and build upon that element.

Our family therapist’s main objective is not only to help resolve negative problems, but also to ensure that each member benefits from therapy. By improving the individuals, the entire family unit strengthens and prospers from their accomplishments and growth.

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