Financial struggles, peer pressure, emotions and other factors can put a lot of stress on families. There are many things in life that lead us on different paths, which can form challenges in maintaining a happy family unit. Westlake Village family therapy with Lori Kansteiner can help reinforce the bond.

Westlake Village family counseling with therapist Lori Kansteiner.

Working out family problems can be very difficult. Acknowledging that you may need some assistance shows that you care about your family. Requesting help from out Westlake Village family therapist proves the commitment you have to restore your family bond.

In many cases, even the most challenging family issues can be resolved with good communication. Having a peaceful and comfortable environment to have an open discussion can be beneficial. With the help from family counseling, each member can begin to share, listen and bring to light the problems.

Our highly qualified Westlake Village family counselor leads the family toward acceptance and understanding, and also assess the damaging factors to be worked out. Individual improvement is also a vital key to strengthening the family unit.

Family therapist in Westlake Village for family counseling.

Westlake Village Family Counseling

Each individual, within the family has their own personality, expectations and interests. This can sometimes cause conflict when different personalities clash. In this situation, it is important to not focus on the differences, but to try to find common ground. Westlake Village family counseling can help evaluate and build upon the points that bind the family together. 

Our family therapist’s primary goal is to help mend negative conflicts and also to make certain that each individual benefits from therapy. The entire family group strengthens and advances with individual growth. 

We look forward to helping your family grow stronger together. To schedule an appointment for family therapy near Westlake Village, give us a call at (818) 852-7077 or contact us online.