COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges for all of our communities. As we individually, and collectively, seek ways to best manage our daily lives during this immensely difficult period, it is vital that we focus on our emotional and mental well-being as much as possible. To help protect your health while still providing the comprehensive, effective care you need, I am providing telehealth in West Hills for the foreseeable future. With convenient Zoom Meetings, we can have a clear conversation while you remain in the comfort of your home or another safe, private space of your choosing. While we are physically distanced, the technology of video conferencing still enables us to work closely together as we address your concerns.

Lori Kansteiner, LMFT offers effective telehealth services in West Hills.

Although the use of video conferencing has grown steadily over time, I recognize that there are those less familiar with it that may initially feel somewhat uneasy or apprehensive. As such, I am here to help you feel as comfortable as possible as we navigate through a highly unconventional situation. It is also important for me to convey that a vast majority of clients quickly adjust to West Hills telehealth and find it to be a great fit for their needs. Please note that even with video conferencing, preserving your privacy and confidentiality remains of the utmost importance. Our Zoom Meetings are HIPAA-compliant and secure. If you have any questions about the Zoom platform, or need assistance in getting set up for the session, please do not hesitate to ask.

Teletherapy in West Hills, CA

With video conferencing through Zoom Meetings, I am able to offer a variety of therapeutic options including EMDR, couples counseling, family counseling, individual therapy and addiction & recovery therapy. With the significant impacts that the Coronavirus has on all of our lives, there are many ways in which West Hills teletherapy can be of use. Physical distancing, particularly for those living by themselves, can quickly exacerbate anxiety and depression along with alcohol & drug abuse. If you’re struggling with alcohol and/or drugs, I will conduct an assessment to see what level of care is needed. Through video conferencing, I can help you better cope with the loneliness you may be experiencing and find healthy, productive means of living your day-to-day life.

Physical distancing and quarantining has also presented challenges for couples and families that now find themselves spending far more time together in close proximity than before. This fairly constant close contact has the potential to drive interpersonal conflict, particularly as anxieties and tensions are heightened due to the pandemic. Teletherapy in West Hills allows me to work with couples (married or otherwise) as well as entire families to resolve these conflicts and implement strategies to minimize the likelihood of problems spiraling out of control.

Teletherapy in West Hills is offered by Lori Kansteiner, LMFT.

All of us have been affected, directly or indirectly, by COVID-19. If you’re struggling mentally and emotionally, I am here for you. Through telehealth, I am able to provide assistance for clients like you in and around West Hills. To learn more about my teletherapy services and schedule an appointment, please call (818) 852-7077 or contact me online.

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